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Simulation in Civil Engineering and Architectural Systems

Our program on Civil and Architecture targets at development of people for a broader knowledge to meet the recent requirements of the job market.

This program establishes a complete education system dealing with wide variety of problem solving on modern topics viewing from various perspectives. Some examples are: Building design to meet many kinds of requirements using Architecture theory, The development of city in the sustainable direction, Planning of the entire construction plan from the beginning until the end of its life cycle, Theory and practical issues related to the design of living space, city structure, environmental preservation as well as disaster prevention, Planning on urban safety and regulation, and many topics on transport infrastructure concerning safety and environmental issues. Our researches consider a complete system starting from a small scale, such as a design of an individual room, until the larger scale of the application to mega city, and at the same time considering the entire structure from the outside and inside elements, their functions, and their networks till the behavior of the people living in the system.
Our program not only deals with computer technology as a fundamental knowledge but we also intend to add a new value to the recently forgotten urban and infrastructure planning. Thus, our mission will not stop at the education for people but we also expect our connection to the society through many of our public planning activities.